Puch Motors

During the early years, Puch build lots of great motorcycles aswel.

Here you have the Puch Type A from 1905, with mr. Eckerl driving. Puch always believed in the idea that if you perform well in racing, people would buy your product easier. And he was right! Because of the Alps, the engines had to perform better than elsewhere, and over the decades the engineers proved time after time that Puch was well-designed, well-build and well-driven.

In the 1930's an expedition on Puch motorcycles crossed not only the Alps, but also the Himalaya area to India. Just to prove the quality of Puch. The brand also succeeded in winning many races, with the highlight being Harry Everts becoming world champion in the 250cc enduro cross category on a Puch. Also the car division was very creative in developing special gears, drives and frameworks. Every time, again and again, Puch was the first in development: with bicycles, motorcycles, 4WD gears and mopeds, right until the end. Puch was really number 1 in many fields, but it was the lack of marketing that pulled the company down in the end.

It's like with computers: no matter how well the specifications and performance are, without good software nobody buys it. And the story of the Puch Maxi became the center of that success that led to the end...

Until 1987, when they sold the 2-wheel division to Piaggio in Italy (shame, shame!!). In 1997 Piaggio sold the brand to Cycleurope, which to this day builds and produces new bicycles under the name Puch. The Maxi motor was sold in 1998 to the Manet factory in Slovakia, where it continued into production up to 2008.

The original Puch Maxi found it's end in 1997, when the Italians destroyed the moulds for the frame. The original Maxi and Super Maxi motors ended in 2008 in Slovakia. The Indian Hero Puch (Maxi Plus models and variations) ended production in 2005. Steyr-Daimler-Puch build lots of world-class products and were market leader in many terrains!

To the right is a 500cc 4-stroke Puch from 1985. But the most people will remember Puch for it's mopeds. In Holland the Puch MV50 and VS50 were very popular in the sixties and seventies. But although they were build 563.000 units in all the years, the real 'champion' of production is the immense popular Puch Maxi, which was build from 1969 until 1987 in Graz. More than 5 million in total were build and the engine is still being used today!!

Here you see a design study for a new moped in the seventies. Although rejected, the frame design was used by Honda to build their MB50 and MT50 models. Puch is everywhere...

Another design study was this scooter. Lateron, a partnership with Suzuki led to the production of this model (see below). It drives in many south American countries under the name Lido Vario, but in Holland we know it as the Suzuki CP 50.

Puch was the worlds first with a carbon frame bicycle, the first with a cardan-driven moped design, the first with an electrical moped, the first with an universal 'click'-on engine for bicycles (like the Dutch Spartamet), the first with a catalysor exhaust for mopeds, and much much more.... Puch was (and is) a world leader for innovation and quality!!


(some pictures are from Das Grosse Puch Buch by H. Weishaupt Verlag-Graz, ISBN 3-900310-49-1)

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