The final effort by Piaggio to keep Puch alive as a brand was the Boss.

We write 1995/1996. Piaggio was one year away from it's contractual obligation to produce the original Stayr-Daimler-Puch models, and still no moped was found to replace the Maxi/Macho models. Sure, the scooters did great then, like the Zip, Typoon and NRG. But those were rebadged and people found out about the takeover by Piaggio and didn't like it one bit. They wanted an original Puch, in design and name. All efforts to put rebadged Piaggio mopeds on the Northern European markets failed, one after another.

Bullit was too expensive, P1-Tre a huge cultural difference, and the Z-One a cheap rip-off with a badly produced Maxi motor. The rebadging of the Gilera Citta didn't go through (luckily!) and the Maxi/Macho models only hold their #1 place due to the large aftermarket of accessories.

The final effort from Italy was the Piaggio Boss, a successor of the Vespa Boxer. The Boss was originally produced in Italy in 1988-1989, but brought back into production for Puch, with all the luxury options available. The quality was better by then, than that of the produces Maxi's and Macho's.


(left: Puch Boss, right: Piaggio Boss)

Prisewise, it was competitive and interesting, but Puch lovers and owners, knew the engine and design to be Italian, not Austrian. Even with all the luxurious options and good quality, it didn't stand a chance in hell. The last effort to keep Puch as a mopedbrand went away with the Boss and Puch was no more in 1998. Even today, if you look up the history of the Piaggio concern, nowhere is it mentioned that they once bought Puch. Nowhere, but here.

I will continue to update this site, specifically in the 'Future' menu, where i will study and fantasize with a big 'what if?' of what could have happend to Puch, if the right road was taken and would continue to today, straight into the future. In reality, the story ends here. Chances are slim to none, that we will ever see a moped or scooter again with the Puch brandname, as being an independant and original design with the best quality in the world. In the end, it was not just price and quality that killed the Puch brand for mopeds. It was a critical thinking error by Piaggio and not studying the market and it's customers.  Luckily, even today, most Puch Maxi and Macho models out there, are made by Steyr-Daimler-Puch. It is the quality, that will keep them running for a few decades more!

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