iWish: Mutant

Now this actually coúld happen, and let me tell you why...

Puch has sold the twowheeler division back in 1987. That a done deal. Right? Right. Bút: the fourwheel division is still in Graz, Austria! Hear me out: the rights to the name Puch and Steyr-Puch are still in Graz. They are owned by the Canadian company of Magna, who is based in the old Graz factory, as Magna-Steyr. That company produces many carparts for other companies like Fiat, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Opel and so on. Just like Steyr-Daimler-Puch did. When Magna took over the remains of the old Steyr-Daimler-Puch conglomerate, they invested heavily in the old factory. Creating new products, getting new customers and building a steady foundation as deliverer to European car brands.

Not only did they produce things like bumpers, interior plastics and so on, Magna-Steyr also developed real studymodels for the future, like the hybrid Mila and Mila Plus:


(left: Magna-Steyr Mila, right: Magna-Steyr Mila Plus, both electric hybrids)

Magna-Steyr is a major player in the European carpart market, and they dó development on many fields, just like Puch did. The feeling of both companies is identical and a rich tradition is continuing thanks to the Canadian company.

Now: in Europe we have something called microcars or mopedcars, if you prefer. According to regional laws, these tiny, but fully equiped cars, seat 2 person, and have a rear booth, with a dieselpowered engine from motorboats, with a maximum capacity of 505cc, and a max speed of 45 to 65 km/h. You don't need a drivers license to drive them, and a simple moped insurance is enough. No roadtaxes are needed, since it is a small vehicle. Most frmework is of aluminium, and the bodies are entirely made of high impact plastic. The interior and controls are very luxurious, from metal alloy rims, metallic paint, an automatic sunroof, radio, airconditioning, and so on. Prices vary between 7.000 and 20.000 euro.

Now, all the seperate items are already produced by Magna-Steyr! So, in theory, the company can put out a tiny microcar, fully electric (to get a headstart on the competition) and market it as the new Steyr-Puch microcar for Europe. This still is a growing market, due to the tiny size, low costs and simple malfunctionfree design. The lesser the parts, the lesser the trouble, right? Sounds simple.

So what i did, is shortened the Mila, made it electric, and call it the Mutant. It can mutate into a cabrio version, a pick-up version, an offroad version and so on. It mutates to the likings of the customer. I've put in 5-spoke alloy rims, that refer to the Maxi/Macho spokes, and for nostalgic reasons, put a Steyr-Puch badge on the front of the hood. The 45 km/h sticker is for local markets.

I really think Magna-Steyr can corner the market with a fully electric microcar, rebranded Puch or Steyr-Puch for nostalgic feelings and show Europe how to build a toprange, high-end model microcar. Do you like it? Let me know!


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