future of Puch Maxi


Another factory in the picture here is Hero from India. Hero bought the entire production line of the Puch Maxi Plus (in some countries also known as Austro Daimler Plus).  The Puch Maxi Plus was developed in the early '80's to be the successor of the Puch Maxi. But despite the revolutionary design by no one less than Ferdinand Porsche (who did more desgin work for Puch mopeds by the way), nobody liked it! It did not sell: and the Maxi was still in production, so everybody was still buying the Maxi...
In an interview with the product manager of Hero India, i asked him why they bought the Maxi Plus?

He replied that Puch had an outstanding name in the moped industry, they were market leader on many developement terrains and build real quality for affordable prices. And India is a country with poor quality roads, lots of sand and dust and therefor they chose the Maxi Plus as the best reliable quality moped for India and export.

Below you see the original Puch Maxi Plus from Austria and beneath that is the Hero Puch version, which still uses the original mouldings, and so you see Puch on the Hero frontfork and mudguard!