SMS- & Chatcodes

Aaahhh... de tijden van MSN Messenger op de computer. MSN Messenger was een kloon van het originele chatprogramma ICQ (I Seek You) en diezelfde chatstijl werd ook in latere periodes overgenomen door apps van Apple en Android. In de begintijd echter, toen er nog met modems werd ingebeld voor computer verbindingen van ICQ een snel en overzichtelijk chatprogramma.

Tijd was kostbaar (door het inbellen via het modem) en dus moest er zo efficiënt mogelijk worden gechat. Eveneens gold dit voor de SMS-jes die via de mobiele telefoon werden verstuurd. Tekst kostte geld en dus moest je zo direct en kort mogelijk zijn om de kosten te beheersen. En zie daar: het tijdperk van de SMS- en chatcodes was geboren. 2 of 3 letters en cijfercombinaties zorgden voor een snelle communicatie en werd veel gebruikt tussen 1998 en 2004.

Hierna kwam de tijd van onbeperkt internetten voor een vast maandbedrag en onbeperkt smssen in je belbundel en dus waren die afkortingen niet meer nodig. MSN Messenger verdrong ICQ helemaal op de Windows computers als hét chatprogramma en dat was een geweldig leuke tijd. Tegenwoordig is MSN Messenger al zo'n jaar of 10 verdwenen; het programma werd vervangen door het videobellen via Skype, wat inmiddels alweer behoorlijk wordt vervangen door Microsoft Teams.

ICQ is er echter nog steeds, én het is helemaal up-to-date bijgewerkt. Je kunt het gewoon gratis downloaden en installeren op de pc of op je Android toestel. En het voelt nog steeds vertrouwd aan, als je het pak-hem-beet 20 jaar geleden ook hebt gebruikt. Die SMS- en chatcodes, die heb ik bewaard. Ik heb er een hele lijst van. Welke weet jij nog?

Voor Windows: Voor Android:

SMS Afkortingen & Termen

AFAIK -- As Far As I Know
AFK -- Away from keyboard
Alwz -- Always
ASL -- Age, sex, location
ASAP -- As soon as possible
ATB -- All the best
ATK -- At the keyboard
ATM -- At the moment
A3 -- Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

B -- Be
B4 -- Before
B4N -- Bye for now
BCNU -- Be seeing you
BAK -- Back at keyboard
BBL -- Be back later
BCNU -- Be seeing you
BBS -- Be back soon
BF -- Boyfriend
BFN/B4N -- Bye for now
BFz4evr -- Best friends forever
BHL8 -- Be home late
BIL -- Boss is listening
BN -- Been
BOL -- Best of luck
BRB -- Be right back
BRBGP -- Be right back gotta pee
BRT -- Be right there
BTW -- By the way
BYOB -- Bring Your Own Beer
B4N -- Bye for now

C -- See
CU -- See you
CUB L8R -- Call you back later
CU@ -- See you at
CUL -- See you later
CYA -- See you around, See ya
CMi -- Call me
CMON -- Come On
CUB L8R -- Call you back later
CUL8R -- See you later
CYR BOS -- Call Your Boss
CYR BRO -- Call your brother
CYR H -- Call your husband
CYR MA -- Call your mother
CYR OFIS -- Call your office
CYR PA -- Call your father
CYR SIS -- Call your sister
CYR WF -- Call your wife

Dk -- Don't know
DNR -- Dinner
doN -- Doing
Dur? -- Do you remember

E2eg -- Ear to ear grin
EOD -- End of discussion
EOL -- End of lecture
EVRY1 -- Everyone
EZY -- Easy
EZ -- Easy

FAQ -- Frequently asked questions
FC -- Fingers crossed
F2F -- Face to face
F2T -- Free to talk
F? -- Friends?
FITB -- Fill in the blank
FOMCL -- Fell out of my chair laughing
FYEO -- For your eyes only
FYA -- For your amusement
FYI -- For your information
F2F -- Face to face
F2T -- Free to talk

GAL -- Get a life
GF -- Girlfirend
GG -- Good game
GMeSumLuvin -- Give me some lovin’!
GMTA -- Great minds think alike
GR8 -- Great!
GSOH -- Good salary, own home
GTSY -- Glad to see you
GUDLUK -- Good luck
G9 -- Genius

h2cus -- Hope to see you soon
H8 -- Hate
HAGN -- Have a good night
HAND -- Have a nice day
HldMeCls -- Hold me close
HRU -- How are you
Ht4U -- Hot for you
HTH -- Hope that helps
H&K -- Hugs and kisses

IAC -- In any case
IAD8 -- It's a date
IC -- I See
ICQ -- I seek you
ICQ -- A chat program:
IDK -- I don't know
IGotUBabe -- I've got you babe
IIRC -- If I recall correctly
ILU -- I love you
ILU2 -- I love you too
ILUA -- I love you alot
ILuvU Alwz&4evr -- I love you always and forever
IMO -- In my opinion
IMHO -- In my honest (or humble) opinion
IMBLuv -- It must be love
IMI -- I mean it
IMO -- In my opinion
IMTNG -- I am in a meeting
IM 4 U -- I am for you
Im :) 2hv Mt U -- I'm happy to have met you
IOU -- I owe you
IOW -- In other words
IRL -- In real life
Its F8 -- It's fate
IUSS -- If you say so
IYD -- In your dreams
IYKWIM -- If you know what I mean

J4F -- Just for fun
JFK -- Just for kicks
JK -- Just kidding
JHB -- Johannesburg
JstCllMe -- Just call me

KC -- Keep cool
KHUF -- Know how you feel
KISS -- Keep it simple, Stupid
KIT -- Keep in touch
KOTC -- Kiss on the cheek
KOTL -- Kiss on the lips

L&N -- Landing
LDR -- Long distance relationship
LMAO -- Laugh my ass off
LOL -- Laughing out loud
LDN -- London
LSKOL -- Long slow kiss on the lips
LTNS -- Long time no see
LTNC -- Long time no see
LUV -- Love
LtsGt2gthr -- Lets get together
lyN -- Lying
L8 -- Late
L8r -- Later

MTE -- My thoughts exactly
M$ULkeCrZ -- Miss you like crazy!
MC -- Merry Christmas
MGB -- May god bless
Mob -- Mobile
MU -- Miss you
MUSM -- Miss you so much
MTE -- My thoughts exactly
MYOB -- Mind your own business
M8 -- Mate

NRN -- No reply necessary
NA -- No access
NC -- No comment
NE -- Any
NE1 -- Anyone
NITING -- Anything
No1 -- No one
NP - No problem
nufN -- Nothing
NWO -- No way out

OIC -- Oh, I see
OTOH -- On the other hand
O4U -- Only for you

PITA -- Pain In The A*8
PCM -- Please call me
PCME -- Please call me
PITA -- Pain in the ass
pl& -- Planned
PLS -- Please
PLZ 4GV ME -- Please forgive me
PML -- Piss Myself Laughing
po$bl -- Possible
PRT -- Party
PRW -- Parents are watching
PTB -- Please Text Back
PUKS -- Pick Up Kids

QPSA? -- Que pasa? (what's happening?)
QT -- Cutie

R -- Are
RGDS -- Regards
RINGL8 -- Running Late
RLR -- Earlier
RMB -- Ring my bell
ROFL -- Rolling on the floor laughing
ROFLOL -- Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROTFLMAO -- Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
ROTG -- Rolling on the ground
ROTGLMAO -- Rolling on the ground laughing my ass off
RTFM -- Read the flaming manual
RU -- Are you
RU? -- Are you?
RU CMNG -- Are You coming
RUOK -- Are You OK?

SC -- Stay cool
SETE -- Smiling ear to ear
SHLM -- Shalom
shopN -- Shopping
SK8 -- Skate
SO -- Significant other
SOL -- Sooner or later
SOL -- Sh_t out of luck
SME1 -- Someone
SPK -- Speak
SPK 2 U L8R -- Speak to you later
SRY -- Sorry
STATS -- Your sex and age
SWALK -- Sent with a loving kiss
SWATK - Sent/Sealed with a tender kiss
SWG -- Scientific wild guess

T+ -- Think positive
TDTU -- Totally devoted to you
Thx -- Thanks
TIC -- Tongue in Cheek
Tks -- Thanks
TMIY -- Take me I'm yours
THNQ -- Thank you
TIA -- Thanks in advance
TLA -- Three letter acronym
TTFN -- Ta ta for now.
TTYL -- Talk to you later
TUL -- Tell you later
T2Go -- Time to go
T2ul -- Talk to you later

U -- You
U2 -- You too
UI! -- You Idiot!
UR -- You are
uvbnsmuchd -- You've been smooched
URT1 -- You are the one
UR TH WKEST LNK GDBY -- You are the weakest link goodbye
UR4Me -- You are for me
U4E -- Yours forever

VRI -- Very

W@ -- What
W8N -- waiting
WAN2 -- Want to
Wan2 C a moV? -- Want to see a movie?
WAN2 :-* -- Want to kiss?
WB -- Welcome Back
WLUMRy -- Me will you marry me?
WOT -- What
WRT -- With respect to
WRU -- Where are you?
WTF -- What the heck?
WTH -- What The Hell
WTG -- Way To Go!
WTMPI -- Way To Much Personal Information
WUF -- Where Are You From?
WUWH -- Wish you were here
W4u -- Waiting for you
W8 -- Wait
W84M -- Wait for me

X! -- Typical woman
X -- Kiss
XO -- Kiss and a hug
XclusvlyUrs -- Exclusively yours
XLNT -- Excellent

Y -- Why?
Y! -- Typical Man
YBS -- You’ll be Sorry
YGM-- You got mail
YR – Your

Z -- the (affected, as in "what's zee time?")
ZZZZZ -- Sleeping

10Q -- Thank You
1DAY -- One day
1ON1 -- One on one
1NC -- Once

2 -- To/Two/Too
2DAY -- Today
2bctnd -- To be continued.
2d4 -- To die for
2g4u -- To good for you
2Ht2Hndl-- Too hot to handle.
2l8 -- Too late
2MORO -- Tomorrow
2NITE -- Tonight
2WIMC -- To whom it may concern

3sum -- Threesome
3 8 1 -- Three words, eight letters, one meaning (I Love You)

4 -- For
4e -- Forever
4gv -- Forgive
4gvn -- Forgiven
4yeo -- For your eyes only

7K -- Sick

8 -- Ate
8ball - Eightball

911 -- Emergency, call me

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